FOD is normally what we think of with foreign debris on runways and other hazards to aviation.

It is not something one thinks about in relationship to a baseball game.

The Coliseum is apparently close enough to the Oakland Harbor and the San Francisco Bay that there are seagulls in abundance. Whirling and swirling around, there were dozens which decided to visit the field right before the game started. Most of us were sitting there in the almost empty stands thinking – WTF? I could understand the parking lot, lots of potential food for scavengers in the average lot outside a stadium where tailgate parties could be in abundance. But this is Oakland and a not particularly well attended game.

After providing about ten minutes of entertainment, they wheeled off to visit the parking lot and decorate the cars.

It was about mid-game when they came back; looking at the outfielders and complaining loudly about interference, lack of food and running around on their territory. The sun was almost down when they left for the final time still voicing their disgust about lack of treats.

We were sitting literally at center field with a terrific view of the batter’s box, which always leads to comments about the umpires. I didn’t bring a camera this time which turned out to be a major mistake.

Oh, the game? It was Oakland vs the Twins which might just explain my interest. Baseball games, at least here in the East Bay, are an extremely cheap form of entertainment. Much cheaper than the movies with the ability to eat junk food, and be entertained by the fans.  Essentially the same seats as we had tonight are on StubHub for $6 for tomorrows game.

The final score was 7:4 Athletics.

For those of you who might be feeling a bit sorry for Minnesota – The Lynx are now 6-0 after beating the NY Liberty 79-69 last night.

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