Flying BA

This is the episode in which we go to the airport, fly to Frankfurt, are actually picked up and driven home. Since it is the eldests birthday, she gets presents.

Mostly, however it is about socks.

With ~1700 flights, we didn’t have to get up very early or head to the airport at the crack of dawn. The oldest teen was back in plenty of time to help with house clean-up and packing. We even managed to find the long stay parking at Heathrow. It is kind of a sad commentary when it is cheaper to park a car than pay for public transport to and from the airport – but we are not going to go there.

The teens were on Lufthansa, I on British Airways. Exiting the bus at Terminal 1 – I said I would see them outside of their baggage claim in Frankfurt since my flight left 15 minutes prior to theirs.

I think I jinxed it.

This particular terminal never posts the gates until 30-45 minutes before you can board. Lack of commitment that, but it makes things easy for the airport authority to change gates with little notice. Real pain for the passengers who then have to keep watching boards, then running to the far end for their flights.

It was lucky that I had brought along yarn.


A nice cheerful ball of Fleece Artist in colourway Marine that I had purchased last May in Vancouver. 100% Merino, clear and shiny colours.

As it turned out I had enough time to get my sock started and then some.


As you can probably guess, I had allowed plenty of time at the airport, not including the flight delay. We never did hear the full explanation. The portion that I overheard involved swapping crews, the new crew being inbound from Berlin and not arriving in London till almost an hour after we were due to depart.

The kids already were boarded on their flight, phones off. The DH had his phones going to mailbox and no one answered at home.

I finally reached someone to tell them I was late…after….I arrived in Frankfurt over an hour after the original predicted time. They picked me up.

The birthday celebration was pretty restrained. It was quite late and we were all tired. had brought along a couple of presents from the UK and we replaced her digital camera. Mine was not along, so she is spared pictures.

Audio Books

Working on Michael Palmer – The Society.


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