Flight Delays

One of the realities that I often choose to ignore is the fact that nothing in the world of aviation really seems to run on time. You can believe all the hype and numbers put out by the airlines about percentage of flights that leave on time. You can look below the surface at the definitions and find that leaving on time may mean actually leaving, or just closing the doors on the plane.

In any case, none of it matters if the flight that has just been trashed is YOUR flight. It is only an hour, right? And they let you know early so that you could do something else with your day, right?

Of course, you are also talking to the idiot who didn’t bother to get added to the rental car contract. The one who was thinking to about being nice to her dear husband when she had him take the car back last night so that he wouldn’t have to deal with the hassle this morning. The one who is now stuck without wheels and flying an airline which isn’t going to open baggage drop off till four hour before the flight. And, as I just found out – on the only flight for which Lufthansa is the actual provider of the aircraft so it is not like I can depend on them to have counters open for other flights.

What was I thinking?

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