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  1. I need to remember to come to the blog more often….somehow I missed all the flamingo chatter….possible that two weeks on the road followed by hitting the ground running on our return had something to do with that? Little boy turned two…less than 48 hours later his sister made her debut appearance….at 0’dark-thirty, of course, just to make sure we were all equally exhausted. ?

    • I have two like that – born two years and one day apart. Congrats on the grandkids!

      Time on traveling is enough to disrupt anyone!

      (and I have been a bit lax about sending out the mailing list….)

  2. Kinda feel like our lives are on a parallel course, lol. The difference is at 75 (76 next month) I hav to take the nap because I am collapsing by 1330! I crash a whole hour before you. I’m so glad George is doing better, how is his spirits, hopefully better since he is home.

    • Jealous, I so miss ships and traveling.

      Split? Haven’t been there since the 90s – and that was a short visit via a chopper.

  3. I’m chronically tired also, and yes, the mind wanders and gets distracted. And the mind NEEDS distraction.

    • Right now I would be up for fewer distractions – still have those two papers hanging over my head….

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