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  1. If you have not been deployed you would not understand… The flush toilet is the bedrock of civilization. The history of warfar is said to be written in blood, but should be written in stool.

  2. Kind of reminds me of the facilities in B-205 at kodak where I last worked.
    Third floor, there were two rooms about 100 feet apart with a third on the second floor. For who knows what reason, a new cleaning service came in and decided that 0830 was the prime time to clean…all at once, and this went on for a few weeks till my buddy in the next cube wasn’t feeling well, walked down to one…(they were cleaning it), then the other (cleaning it), and just said, to the cleaner that he was using it. He just went in, shut the door, and did his business. By the time he got out, the cleaning supervisior had appeared along with the building superintendent who escorted him to our leader (litterly a Kodak Chief Technical Officer)…they were threatening him with all sorts of stuff …you know, absense without pay, etc. Good old Darryl stood his ground and said to Gary…the CTO… something to the effect…
    Gary, it’s 0845…YOU have to go to the john…what are you going to do? Well, they are cleaning this one, and that one, and oh yeah, the one down on 2…so what are you going to do…wait a half hour …your are in pain and you need to go NOW. Amazingly, by the next am, one john was cleaned at 0700, one at 0800, and the third at 0900 and they had to post the schedule and adhere to it.
    Worker bees 1
    Cleaning service 0
    When ya gotta go…ya gotta go…

  3. Now I know another reason I couldn’t deploy. All the schedules in the world wouldn’t always compensate for the vagaries of advanced age–one such extravagance of the body is not always supplying sufficient notice. Okay, as a guy there are usually emergency ways and means of displacing liquid, but I’ve also been caught during a 4-mile walking route with little warning. Word to the wise: always wear dark workout suit bottoms and have immediate access to laundry equipment at the end of one’s outside activity. I can certainly understand and appreciate a discussion of sanitary facilities.

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