Five bikes, 2 strollers

and disgruntled fans between them.

What am I talking about, you might ask? Why am I doing a take-off on a Paul & Storm Song? Specifically – Six Guys, Ten Teeth?  If you aren’t familiar – it is probably the ultimate country song – listen to it here.  In any case, this was the Lake Merritt BART station headed toward Richmond full of folks (it was Little League Day + Big Bear Diner’s Sock Give Away) who really couldn’t believe that the As, after winning three games in a row were really capable of losing 11-1 to the Seattle Mariner’s. That is right – 11 (count ’em) to 1. Needless to say, Triggs lost his good pitching record (six runs scored off him) and Alacantara managed to get an ERA in the four digits (yes, really – and only gave up 5 of the runs…).

So there we were, a crowded car full of As sort of fans on our way home, except for my seat mate who was headed home from OAK. She has good reading taste (The Hanging Tree – Aaronovich) and otherwise was attempting to ignore those pushing and crowding from the Coliseum station. We would have been fine except for the five bikes, two strollers and standing passengers who really didn’t understand that leaning up against the section clearly marked “Bikes HERE” was not the most intelligent decision they ever made. These were polite bicyclists with helmets, vests, lights and requests to please let them get the bikes up against the wall.

I was relieved that half the train emptied out in Berkeley so that it was possible to get to the exit at my stop and to note that the next home game isn’t till 5 May.

George has been sending lovely photos from sunny Italy (Sicily) which I am ignoring in favor of planning out my next few days (stop at the sewing machine place, clean a closet, sew, and oh, yes, go back to the SFVA again on Wednesday.

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