First Sea Day

I survived. Not the finding the pier; that was easy. Getting on board ship equally so (minus the hanging out in the terminal and mandatory people watching).
Rather I am speaking of Cruise Critic. I am mostly used to cruise lines where the line organizes the Meet & Mingle for you. Not Princess.

So there I am, the idiot who started the Roll Call thread and sort of having put it together ahead of time. Princess doesn’t put out refreshments. Always aware of income, they did have a bartender manning the counter in case someone needed alcohol. At 1100,morning…

The get together went all right. At least half the group introduced themselves. We discussed the couple of planned activities and ended with a gift exchange.

Just about the time we were winding down the hotel director stopped by. And introduced himself. It was more about him than I wanted to know, but it filled time and he was pretty funny although I don’t think it was on purpose.

In the afternoon we held a cabin crawl. New concept to a lot of Princess Cruisers. Stopped at seven cabins walking in a large group ending at our cabin. Several stayed to chat a while and the Toronto couple provided the wine.

Line comparison and other thoughts over the rest of the sea days.

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