I remember Sept 2020

where we couldn’t even see across the street at 1100 in the morning.

This is what Mark, in Long Island was seeing this morning.

Carmen described drive she and Stuart made from their DC home back to their Ottawa home. I am quoting and hope she forgives me..

There are massive wildfires in northern Quebec, plus a few in Ontario, and smoke from those fires has covered a large portion of eastern North America’s skies. I expected the smoke, but I didn’t expect it to be as low to the ground as it was. By the time we were in New York state, driving through Binghamton and Syracuse, the smell was acrid, visibility was limited, and the sun was partially blocked.

Just as a reminder for those of you in affected areas – you need a filter respirator/mask if you are going to be outside, even for a couple of minutes – that means an M95, N95, etc. Cowls, bandanas, scarves,, surgical masks … none of them really filter out particles of the size that are going to do significant damage to your lungs.

On the more mundane front –

I managed a bit more than another 1000 stitches on Born to be Wild, my ducks on a scooter stitch that I introduced yesterday. I had forgotten how fast and easy it is to stitch on 14 ct.


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