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  1. Someday I’ll finish the button band and be able to wear the handspun Wensleydale coat for the 1999 Spinoff Magazine Rare Breeds contest.

  2. your knitting output is impressive! Far greater than mine!

    May I inquire why you are not knitting in ends as you go on what I presume is the Slicer-Smith – is this not possible? Is this why I have never started one of these garments? Looking forward to seeing a picture of it!

    You still seem to have more than enough to do with your time too.

  3. You are a better man than I am, Gunga Din. The floor of my “study” aka stash room looks like a cyclone hit it. We got two new kitten in May–they were 9 weeks old and into EVERYTHING. So everything had to be moved up from downstairs and into study behind closed doors. Of course I haven’t sorted through most of it. May have to as I think we’re having company the end of the month and one of them–will have to sleep in my study. What I did find was a started Kauni sweater. The pattern was the formerly free one by Ruth–little boxes. Anyway, I found the sweater but not the directions. Any chance that you have it?

  4. Any chance you could bring the unfinished-not ripped projects to knit meet and have us all guess, what patterns they are?

    Might be a fun game and save you a lot of time ripping 🙂

  5. Long list, but they sound VERY wonderful and lovely. You will enjoy having them when they are done. I just shipped two large boxes of yarn to my niece. Hope she can use them. They have a new baby, so might be too busy. I have one particular project that has been slowing in the works for years now – that granny square vest out of the pretty but scratchy Noro yarns. I average a couple little squares a month. LOL!

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