Finished Forever

As it turns out, forever is only a year or two. I started this afghan in Feather and Fan with a plan to use up all those odds and ends of sock yarn that had been hanging out forever. You know the kind – too much left to toss but too little alone to knit any kind of useful thing. And I am all about useful knitting objects – that is why I have two bins of scarves and shawls which are complete but still looking for the right home. Remind me if I ever spend more than 10 days in a row in the US to post them all in the Free/Trade section of my stash in Ravelry.

Back to the Afghan – I cast on a lot of stitches – like hundreds and hundreds to that it would be nice and wide. For a while I knit on it regularly but then it became just to heavy to carry around comfortably. My ability to finish a row or two was limited by an ache in my wrist. Given that there is so much else that I want to knit – it went on hold, for, oh lets say a few months, a year or maybe more.

Now, with cleaning out the house and deciding what yarn moves and which projects stay here it announced it was sulking. I should just finish it already. Taking out my trusty measuring tape in inches since that was the only one I could find in the studio chaos I checked twice. It was 7 feet wide and 4 feet long? Hello? Lets make that four feet wide and seven feet long. Time to finish. A garter bind off doesn’t look pretty but it is functional.

A quick pix –

and a pile of afghan it is

and a pile of afghan it is

just a bit closer

just a bit closer

Now to take care of all those pesky ends. Oh, wait – Strikktreff tomorrow!

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3 Responses to Finished Forever

  1. Chere' says:

    Same thing I’m doing with the Master Gardener Library and Help Desk Office today- its a long story, and time for me to rescue a bad situation inasmuch as humanly possible. Darn those pesky ends, anyway.

  2. Alison says:

    Beautiful! And sometimes yes you do just have to call a thing done.

  3. Cat says:

    I know about ends – patchwork vests had too many for comfort.

    I am highly impressed by your organisational capacities though – all those plastic boxes!

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