Field Duty – heat and hot

What normally happens after a few days in the field is that tempers start fraying, especially as the temperature rises. With the new ACU, the only authorized way to wear the uniform is with the sleeves down. As a result, staying out of the sun can be an excellent idea. Just in case you were wondering, opening the windows and having a fan can really make a difference. These are German buildings. Doors and windows provide climate control and air circulation.
Altho not the buildings in which we are running the exercise, this is billeting.


I have made some small progress on the first Rib on the Side.
But the Orange/Pink multi Broken Rib are finished.
In case you are wondering what kind of a weird building is full of tables with put up chairs – would you believe the MWR area in the middle of shift?

Audio Books

Have you ever noticed that some of the Audio Book Companies are getting cute about their CDs? It seems to be too much to ask: after all – who could possibly need large, clear font lettering for the name of the book. Much less the Author. And to make it even more fun, why don’t we make each one of the CDs a different color?

Not Rex Stout – with Gambit, or Might as Well be Dead  of the Nero Wolf Mysteries. Nor will you find such a thing when the author is Lawrence Sanders – McNally’s Bluff or Stephen White – The Zero, or Stuart Woods – Short Straw.

But let it be a “woman’s type book” such as Evanovich’s Love Overboard, or even Diane Mott Davidson’s Dark Tort and there you go. There has got to be a message. Pink, purple, lilac and deep rose CD labels? Please, give me a break!

We don’t see the inside CDs when you order or buy an audio book. And it certainly for me would not be anything but a negative in deciding whether or not I would want to listen to a book. One with multicolored disks and cutesy colors says to me that it should not be taken seriously. That there is not the respect accorded to the author, much less the listener.

You can’t tell me it is to make my life easier to recognize which one comes next. They should have numbers on them, and be in the case [initially] in order. If you can’t read, how do you know which color comes next? So that argument does not wash.

And it is not women authors, in case you were wondering. Anita Diamant – Good Harbor – has plain, parchment colored CD labels (Simon & Schuster) that are clean and professional. It just leaves me with an attitude that certain types of genre are being put down.

Off soap box!

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2 Responses to Field Duty – heat and hot

  1. amanda j says:

    Packaging decisions being made by men, I would hazard a guess!

  2. colin says:

    Agree with you re the cd colours. 2007 and still some idiot comes up with this idea. Evolution in reverse?

    That Ribs On The Side looks interesting.

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