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  1. Lovely socks. I am just getting off the ground with these. I should try to knit at work to relax.
    You have an informative and interesting site. I spent my teens in Wiesbaden. No, my family was not military. I lived in the family homestead. I know that I will experience some Heimweh reading your families pages.

  2. The Victorian Lace socks are gorgeous – You are FAST!!
    Sounds like you have some sock knitting coming up with all those requests!! (I just laugh when people ask me to make them socks – although I DO let good friends pick out of my extra sock bin)

  3. I am always amazed at how different buses are in other countries! It is very strange!

    As always, your socks are lovely Holly! I have to think of some variance when praising your sock knitting abilities. That is my new challenge. (Do you think I should get out more?)

  4. Amanda –
    Oh, duh. I am used to the differences between US school buses and what passes for Buses in Germany where only special children ride designated buses. And a large number of the third world countries I have been in have had cast off US buses. But of course your buses look different, even allowing for the side of the drive! Sorry for being US centric hear. I should know better after more than 17 years as an ex-pat.

  5. Your Victorian Lace Socks came out great. I can’t believe how quick you can make a pair of socks. You won’t be needing them to soon with the hot weather though I imagine.

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