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Since no one was due back from San Diego till late this afternoon I took the opportunity to visit Walnut Creek. Mostly known as a ritzy, fashionable almost suburb you can find all the latest, greatest and trendy shops.

Since, as you well know, I am not fancy, fashionable or trendy I just skipped over the whole downtown mess in favor of finding what turned out to be a jewel of a yarn shop.

An Ion can be a catalyst – right?

Anyway РI found Fashion Knits  which is run by Jeanine. This store will inspire you.

wayy too many choices

well organized and brightly lit

Rather than being tucked away in a back corner to knit, the group table is right up front with plenty of light.

The store is watched over by three (here is only one)

Maybe Bella?

small guards who are more than willing to socialize and are pretty mild about expressing their opinions (other than the “adore me” ones).

The Color Whatever Shawl is finished but badly needs blocking. Knit on 3.5mm KnitPicks Acrylics – it contains almost 2 50gm balls of Roedel pink sock yarn, 1 skein of undyed Zitron (Trekking) and most of a ball of Opal.

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  1. Alison H says:

    Oh cool, thank you for the heads-up! My friend Nina and I like to get in
    the car and discover a new yarn shop every summer. Sounds like one to try.

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