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Fancy Phones — 9 Comments

  1. Oh, for exasperating!
    This summer everything’s on the fritz.
    I hope you can get it fixed soon!

  2. Carol’s Xenna Corp’s main line is 609 921-1101. Hopewell family practice is 609 466-1101. I don’t use them anymore because they refuse to prescribe antibiotics when I know I’m coming down with Pneumonia, and they feel obligated to save the world. Don’t know any drunks with that number.

  3. Ah, progress is so wonderful.

    BTW, my brother and sister-in-law still have a rotary phone on their kitchen wall (and individual cell phones).

  4. Which leads me to suspect that they have been in the same house (or with the same kitchen) for a significant number of years.

    Heck – most people I know don’t even have the same phone number for long enough that anyone learns it!

  5. Okay, so I’m no longer a major player. But one thing learned from many, many years of working on equipment and software of others: Never, ever attempt anything unless and until there’s a complete backup available from whence to recuperate in event of losses/malfunctions. And anything on these “smart” phones can be backed up. Sorry to hear you lost those numbers.

  6. Like my computer Monday night. It could read incoming Thunderbird but do
    nothing else. [] finally figured out that with our Apple server
    down, my computer couldn’t read its name.

    “Hello, my name is PC and I am not…”

  7. Former neighbour used to be accountant for big funeral business. It had a number one digit different from a taxi company. He said they would send a hearse for repeat offenders!

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