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Excessive Packaging — 12 Comments

  1. There is less chance for the package to getting lost. There is probably a standardized size package the machines like.

  2. This I have to agree on.
    I have recently started building wooden model ship as my cardiologist suggested I find a hobby.
    Long story short I ordered self threading needles and yep came in a huge package.

  3. Yes…confessing to being a regular Amazon shopper. We just recieved two small washing machine parts in a similar package.

    • great first world problem…. use amazon and really cut the fuel and time used up for delivery since one person and one vehicle delivery hundreds of packages – or spend your time, effort, car, and fuel driving around trying to find the right part.Or spend hundreds on the repair person…

  4. Amazon is doing the same in Germany. Biggest packaging and small content. Well, we usually re-use these boxes and envelopes so it is not totally lost.

  5. It happens to me also, infrequently as I’m not a big shopper. The bubble wrap mailer may have been required to preclude or reduce any chance a needle might have got loose. Some of their packaging has awed me a bit too, but everything ordered has arrived in good shape. Holiday greetings to one and all.

    • Unfortunately, I am doing a fair amount this way since it spares me the driving, traffic, and frustration! So I have to balance the time and effort it would take me to drive 15 miles each way to purchase the needles vs the waste from Amazon.
      So far, Amazon is winning…

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