Excavating the Studio

I made the first pass at the studio about a week ago and thought that it was just about under control. Messy, but all the contents will all be shipped (not including the furniture).

Then I realistically figured out that there was little room to move about in the room which means essentially there was no way movers could pack out. You see, it wasn’t just that I had a lot of bins and bags of yarn, it was that we cleared out the attic. Add in all those containers and suddenly it was literally over the top

realistically? there is too much in the room

realistically? there is too much in the room

My plan was to take out the table, but there was the challenge of not being able to get it out.

Yesterday College Guy hauled most of my bins down to the garage. My simple plan, since everything is protected from both damp and vermin, was to pre-stage. I can’t see how the movers can object since it takes them off the hook for both the packing and the hauling. Today, I actually had a bit of room to move around so I was actually able to start organizing. And sorting, and tossing and figuring out what I could give away or perhaps bribe someone else to take! Along with another dozen containers moved to the garage. Got to love Rubbermaid..

all the bins moved out

all the bins moved out

I still have all the knitting needles to sort, the scrapbooking materials to box and more bags of donations to put together but I am thinking that this room is going to be under control by tomorrow.

And pigs fly with the fairies.

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