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Eurovision is Cracked — 3 Comments

  1. We were watching Eurovision too last night, all the way over here in Australia! It is usually the television highlight of my husband’s year. He loves it!

    My comment from yesterday asked what Challah is, and what it is for?

    Happy Mother’s Day!!

  2. Challah is the traditional Sabbath night twisted bread. Since there is only one bakery in the city that makes it, and it is too hard to make sure that we get there and get it picked up before it closes, this past fall Nina started baking for our Shabbat evening services.
    Here is the full story (isn’t Wikipedia useful?)

  3. well we sat and watched the whole eurovison thing. at least it is better than it was or we are getting old! The winning song, good song but no idea what it was about, did look a bit odd-thought the woman and her backers were meant to appeal to ladies into ladies.

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