Eurovision is Cracked

In what is a rare event for us, we are sitting in the living room and watching the Eurovision finals. If you are not familiar with Eurovision, let me give you a quick explanation: each country through popular vote from TV broadcasted competition choses a music performance to enter the International competition. The entries vary from solo jazz singers, through weird home language performances to totally wacked out rock groups. The winner is decided through popular International vote (phone and SMS). This whole thing is accomplished through TV Programs. Started in 1956 – it predates American Idol by decades.

Some of the entries are totally insane – Ukraine metal group in mylar costumes – UK sappy pop in flight attendants uniforms – incredible drumming from Bulgaria. 24 in all. An amazing number of gorgeous women’s voices and performances this year. Moldova, Slovakia, and Finland come to mind.

Of course, evey act was followed by commentary out of the teens plus the DH.

It interferred with my knitting.


Of course, most of my evening had already been blown by the Annual AMEDD Ball. George got off the train from Frankfurt in time to put on his tux and we headed to the Village Pavillion.
The color guards were in the tradition of wearing uniforms from across the wars.
[You can fill in the middle here – opening remarks, welcomes, buffet dinner, various award announcements and presentations, closing remarks]
Once the colors were retired, there was supposed to be dancing. After talking to a few people, we hung it and came home.


Ready to bind off the first Grasshopper, with notes taken on changes for the second. Still going toe up, and I like this heel version. Once I picked up the trick of doing the yarn over from front to back, I might just mesh the second sock. What is also making a difference is that I am making the back side of the leg in 1×1 ribbing so that it does not sag.


I have found the componets for my pattern, knit a twisted stitch cuff and am five rows down the sock. Because of the bright red, it is hard to see at this point. Mostly I am making sure this is doable, checking gauge, and keeping this pair for myself. I will get daylight shots tomorrow.
Since there are 2000 participants out there, even if my pal stops by this blog, I have no reason to suspect that she would ever guess these are for her.

The votes are now being announced. It is a hoot, Serbia, Ukraine, and Russia are in the lead. What can I say? Next year this program will be hosted out of somewhere in the former Soviet Block. Should I stay awake, or crash? Humm, knit is best.

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3 Responses to Eurovision is Cracked

  1. amanda j says:

    We were watching Eurovision too last night, all the way over here in Australia! It is usually the television highlight of my husband’s year. He loves it!

    My comment from yesterday asked what Challah is, and what it is for?

    Happy Mother’s Day!!

  2. Holly says:

    Challah is the traditional Sabbath night twisted bread. Since there is only one bakery in the city that makes it, and it is too hard to make sure that we get there and get it picked up before it closes, this past fall Nina started baking for our Shabbat evening services.
    Here is the full story (isn’t Wikipedia useful?)

  3. colin says:

    well we sat and watched the whole eurovison thing. at least it is better than it was or we are getting old! The winning song, good song but no idea what it was about, did look a bit odd-thought the woman and her backers were meant to appeal to ladies into ladies.

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