Given Status of Forces in Germany (lots of limits on where you can go and which facilities one is entitled to use upon retirement) I have not had a lot to do with most military facilities since I bid a not completely fond adieu to the Army more than four years ago.

Specifically – no PX, Commissary, Post Office, Petrol Station or Class 6 stores are on the allowable list in Germany without a Germany tax number so that you can pay the owed VAT at the end of the year. Since we are already paying taxes in Switzerland and the US – it really seemed stupid to give the German government another channel in which to decide to collect more tax from us.

Anyway – that means that I hadn’t been inside either a Px or Commissary in a long time.

Nothing has changed. Except to note that many items are actually more expensive than they would be at comparable facilities. It was interesting to wander around, mostly to see what they don’t carry (CF Cards for an example) and to confirm that I really haven’t missed all that much

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