Sometimes it doesn’t take a whole lot to keep me amused. For example, I can easily spend an evening watching Galacticast while knitting. Casey is amazing – she certainly tops most current stars with her sense of the absurd and facial expressions. It seems like they took about a year hiatus – hoping to see more episodes soon. (Don’t worry, there is something here to offend everyone). What I really should have been doing today is working on my Family Medicine re-certification module. I am 75% of the way through the first part and have till Tues night to finish. Well, actually I have to the 31st to finish but we are leaving for Egypt on the 24th. I am not going to stay up all night on the 31st after returning late on New Year’s Eve in order to beat out the computer clock in Kansas.  Argh, I hate doing these, but will admit that I am learning. That and it takes my recert time from 7 years to 10. Not a bad deal at all. Procrastination is queen….

Viking Ship Sweater

Probably more important to most of you, my Viking Ship Sweater is out of the hold pile.  I wasn’t happy with the sleeve I had started. Using  KnitVisualizer which I have had for a while, I re-graphed the sleeve to adjust for my gauge and the increases.  This is the result –

I am much happier with the appearance. The only small change I might make for the second sleeve is to insert one row of knit in white before moving on to the cuff pattern. If I make some progress on my recert materials tomorrow, I might even be able to post the outside of the sleeve so that you can see the rest of the change…..


Continuing on with Heather Graham’s The Dead Room in the wagon.

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  1. kv says:

    happy hanukah!

  2. Margaret says:

    I love the Viking sweater. Is there anywhere I can get a pattern?

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