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  1. Sounds like fun – not. They are laying a gas main AND putting in an emergency lane on the main cross road into our local shopping centre. Yesterday they wanted me to “go round the block” which made no sense at all. I looked at the man with the stop sign and shook my head and said, “I am going through the railway station instead.” He looked a bit startled and then said, “I suppose all the bikes and pedestrians could do that.” Well yes, they could – and it doesn’t mean a two km or more hike.

    • I assume you were on your trike and it was obvious that going an extra km or two was not in your best interest?

  2. Ugh, what a pain, but as in all things – this too will pass, just a pain to get to the end.

  3. I feel your pain. Many moons ago, we opened a family upscale restaurant in Santa Ana Cal. In the first three years the utility companies dug up the street in front of our business annually, making it very difficult to access. Once for larger sewer, once for extra phone lines once for larger water etc. etc.etc.
    So finally I went to the City and pleaded for them to just dig one trench large enough for all the expected utilities. .Can’t remember if they did or not. So my point is nothing has changed much..
    Oh that reminds me of the time I happened by a corner lot of mine and saw it full of construction equipment. The contractor was put out that I objected to his flagrant disregard for private property. Sooo good luck with these guys..

    • No – they can only be held liable for what they do in the trench. Not what someone else does. So if one group digs it out and someone else does something stupid you would be in court for years sorting it out. Meanwhile – no cable, electricity, water, sewer or whatever.

      They actually asked us if it was ok. It is not like we need to access that particular bit of garage. It is packed sold inside with the kids stuff on that end.

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