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Enough Matzoh — 12 Comments

  1. My survival sandwich: Peanut butter and sliced banana on Matzoh. (It’s my favorite sandwich on bread).

    Quote from husband this past weekend: “Passover cookies suck ass. And I have a far lower standard than you do when it comes to cookies.”

    True on both counts.

  2. anything with pizza crust. Actually, the pizza didn’t happen till this noon – nothing in the house to make it with. I had to go grocery shopping!

  3. I hope you don’t mind my laughing… Typed the Mormon who loves the
    smell of coffee. I’ve never drunk it. Just inhaled.

  4. At the risk of seeming weird or rude, how does a vegetarian manage Passover? I thought lamb was a requirement at the Sedar meal.

  5. Oh, I love Matzoh balls. But I loathe marshmallows, and nougat, and
    meringue and other light fluffy things … 🙂

  6. Mmmm – I agree. I couldn’t help pondering on the logic of it all (OK we don’t do logic in Judaism, it’s TRADITION). A bunch of folks in the late Bronze Age get persecuted, seize an opportunity to escape and three and a half thousand years later we don’t eat bread for a week. Huh? Perhaps that wouldn’t be too bad but then my musings led me to suspect that there has been some real commercial exploitation in recent years – as in, you can’t eat THAT unless it’s got a Pesach sticker on it certifying that it has never, ever sniffed a breadcrumb in its life.

    Many years ago when we lived in Leeds (which, at the time, had a thriving provincial Jewish community) I was bemused when our kosher deli offered soap and candles with kosher for Pesach stickers. Don’t know about you but I try not to eat soap & candles . . . It got even sillier when apparently at the same kosher deli (and this was in the late 1950s), a customer complained that the item she had just bought didn’t have a sticker, so the man reached under the counter, pulled out a roll of Pesach stickers and, with an apology, stuck one on the item.

  7. (they tried to kill us – they didn’t succeed, lets eat!}

    So funny! and so true. My wonderful local grocery that does a lot of prepared foods has had all the kosher foods for the Jewish holidays. I’ve gotten lots of them, but had to forego the matzoh. Not my thing. Also passed on something that looked liked rather dry grey mush.

    What is Tsmimmis?

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