Email, I can do email

Even though I keep promising myself that I will send off postcards to the offspring as I travel, it just hasn’t happened. ¬†At the start of each trip I have such good intentions. I think about how nice it is to receive cards in the mail.

And I check on the addresses I have. 3/4. Ok – turns out that I don’t have a complete mailing address on one, but since I can see her when I am in town, I really haven’t worried about it. I have her phone number and know how to drive where she lives.

So I put off asking about the address because I feel dumb not having the street/mailing address of one of my children. Days and ports pass. Can’t send a card to some of them and leave others out. It would be one of the few times that they would all communicate with the end result of someone feeling badly.

So instead, once again I send off email. And txt message. To which I get the occasional answer. I can do email, but the question remains if I would be more likely to get a reply, even if it is an email, to a card sent in the mail.

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