Early morning light

The sunrise this morning was incredible with streaks of orange red and gold extending from the horizon to the wisps of clouds. Looking out from my compartment (traveling in style) it was one of those times when the speed of the train prohibited the taking of any decent photos – so settling for something that is not all that great.

The train was heading west, but obviously a bit north at the same time for me to be able to see the sunrise in the east (is it still starboard?)


A47O0773  A47O0780 A47O0786

When a plane arrives fifteen minutes late in the US we all howl with anger and anxiety. When the Bahn is even ten minutes late in Germany it is hardly tolerable. When the attendant in your sleeping car on Amtrak informs you that the train is running about an hour late, well you shrug and continue drinking your coffee just pleased that arrival will be the same date as originally planned and probably early enough that the women in the compartment across from you who have a 1400 connection will make it. 

Without WiFi on the train as is on the Eastern Seaboard there is little I can do to track the route other than follow the marginal map and attempt to read the water towers as I pass.

I was awake for Toledo this morning as well as Waterloo, Elkhart and South Bend. I missed Cleveland and Sandusky in the middle of the night. at miles 439 & 499. We have traveled through back industrial areas and seen extensive fields and silos. All the crossings have been complete with lights, dropping arms and cars manned by impatient drivers annoyed that the train is delaying them. Which wouldn’t be happening if the train was on time…

We pulled into Chicago Union Station only an hour late. Not two hours – I had forgotten about the time zone change which totally and completely explains why no one else was up this morning when I first went on a coffee seeking mission.   Deciding that hiking while carrying a back pack and dragging a suitcase was not in my best interest, I actually took a cab.

So now relaxing, doing laundry and listening to the L thunder past.

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