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  1. If your not on a hands free phone the fine is $480.00 here and they are proposing raising it as there are still lots of idiots . Keep calling them in! Hands free of course.

  2. We have the best (worst) of both worlds here in Florida. Oh do we have old people driving. Add to that people who moved here from New York (have you driven in New York?). Then there are the Southerners who stop on a through highway to wave on people stopped at a cross road stop sign (happens every day all day). At least it’s entertaining. Oh, I forgot to mention the main Florida pastime, running red lights

  3. Ah, yes, I drove in Miami once. Just once, Back in the mid 70s. Bad then, I am assuming horrible now. Most of my “driving in Florida” has been public transport or hotel shuttles. Proving the point you don’t need brains or skill, just some funds to take your car to Florida..

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