Dueling music and philosophy

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine the scene. It is the middle of the afternoon with the sun shining down on the pedestrian zone of downtown Heidelberg. Bustling with people, there are shoppers, tourists, children and adults.

On the right just after Kaufhof in the direction of Kornmarkt is a mime dressed in elegant Victorian garb with grey face, velvet cutaway jacket, silver embellished cuff above lace ruffles on his frilly white shirt. Without missing a beat (or tumbling off his pedestal) he executes a formal bow to a young child dropping coins in his basket. Further down the street are dueling sax players. One of which likes the Pink Panther theme while the others melody tears into your heart.

Just as I am dropping off more books at the Neugasse bookshelf I hear the sounds of bells and chanting. Snaking through the crowd comes a cheerful line of orange dressed Hare Krishna happy to be spreading their joy to all around. Not to be outdone, a heavy metal group raucously starts playing in the Darmstadter Hof – drowning out all thought.

At this point, my ears have had enough. It was time to walk through the back streets and home. The one time I didn’t read the Ravelry forum before coming to Red it turns out the group had made other plans. I still had a nice coffee and piece of kuchen, but I was more than ready for home.

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