There weren’t any ships in the harbor, the first time I arrived in Dubrovnik. In fact I wouldn’t have an an opportunity to see the city of stones gleaming on a sunny day at all if it hadn’t been for one of the  Norwegian soldiers being a a bit stupid on R&R. His was admitted to a Croatian Hospital with some superficial wounds and a broken bone or two. So I saw Dubrovnik from the air taking pictures from my seat in the MEDEVAC helicopter before we crested a hill to land on a soccer field where the ambulance was waiting for us. That was in 1998.

The city had been hard hit in 1991-2 with the break up of Yugoslavia.

the dots all represent war damage

the dots all represent war damage

in the old city. The next opportunity I had to spend time on the ground was in 2010 when George and I cruised from Athens to Venice on the Wind Spirit. That time we dropped anchor in the inner harbor as pictured below.

The old city today

The old city today



Since then, I have been back a couple of times on Royal which is normally docked to the west of the old city.

not just ancient traditions

not just ancient traditions


a stop part way - the west harbor being at the far left upper corner

a stop part way – the west harbor being at that small bit of blue in the far left upper corner


The Wiki article is pretty good, with one exception. There is only a minor mention of popular culture: Dubrovnik features prominently as King’s Landing and Qarth in Game of Thrones and also provides one of the locations for Star Wars – Episode VIII. As you can guess, there is a plethora of memorabilia to be purchased and Game of Thrones walking tours to be taken.

Me? I just walked into town, around a bit and back to the ship totally ~ 15k steps for the day.



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2 Responses to Dubrovnik

  1. Stuart Moxley says:

    Holly is the war damage still prevalent or has most of the City been restored.

    • Holly says:

      City was mostly restored in 2010, and seems to be completely restored now. I can’t say for sure, since I only saw the old city from the air and didn’t get a chance to walk it in 1998

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