Driving north

You would think after spending most of yesterday afternoon and evening on the road that I would prefer to have some relaxation today. To stay home, read or work on crafts; i.e. just relax.

It is a four day weekend. I have not seen Edinburgh. With knowing I am leaving the end of the summer, why would I not take the chance to go and see? Especially since I now have a good friend and colleague living there.

So we set out rather early in the morning for our 700 km + driving. The Mole and me in case you were wondering.

A30->M25->M1->A1 and drive for a long, long time. About 100 km short of our destination my GPS which I had been ignoring in favor of printed directions from Google Maps suggested again that I leave the A1. Since the A1 was strongly resembling a parking lot at that point we decided to take the chance.

The A287 was a rather interesting road, connecting the A1 in England with the A68 on the other side of the border into Scotland. And yes, there is a border notation declaring that you have entered Scotland right at Coldstream. It is the home of the Coldstream Guards (information here, here & pictures here). If not in person, I know that you have seen pictures of them – they are also known as Her Majesty’s Foot Soldiers as well as being the longest standing Regiment in the British Army. Ceremonial duties dressed in red with high fur hats if you need a hint.

(we did not stop and explore the town, probably should have).

From there, picture a winding 2 lane highway through the Scottish country side with snow banks on either side driven by people with no time at all and a distance to travel. It is not particular a road for driving 100+km/hr even on a good day and passing was highly risky. Since I was not the one doing the passing, I just slowed down and waved.

Our next bit of challenge hit us just short of Edinburgh. Roads newer than ones GPS DvD just appear with a little descriptive line – off map.

Seat of the pants got me onto A702 in the correct direction with the directions coming back on line just as we entered a traffic circle. The rest of the journey was under 8km which we made without difficulty.

Since the Mole slept most of the way, I was kind and listened to books on my iPod rather than use the car speakers. As a result, I am still only partway through Deutermann’s Zero Option.

Tomorrow obviously will be mostly pictures.


Not a topic which thrills most which is why I am placing it at the end rather than starting off today with it as a main subject.

The fencing along most of the motorways is fairly good at purpose so that there are not all that many animal/bird carcasses on the roads. Not the same with the average A road. After seeing piles of rather interesting feathers several times along the A697/698 I finally twigged to their source when seeing a pheasant standing calming at the end of a drive on the far side of the road waiting his opportunity to cross.

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2 Responses to Driving north

  1. Cat says:

    But Edinburgh is a lovely city. Wish I had known you were going and you could have taken my friend Nicky some chocolate for me to calm her house moving woes.
    There are some great little alleyways down from the castle.

  2. This made me smile and hopefully after your last post it will do the same for you:

    Clones are people two. 🙂

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