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If you live in the U.K., I guess that you just don’t look at the fuel pumps when filling up your car. For those in the U.S. who are complaining about gas prices, let me just remind you that the price scale seems to be that US=Eur=UK only in that a liter can cost about 1,29 in each of the three locations. However, paying 1,29 in Pounds Sterling is a bit more than paying 1,29 E and definitely more than in US$, especially when AFEES is off and I can pay $0.78/liter.

In case you are wondering – I did need to put enough diesel in the tank to make it to Dover and a bit on the other side of the Channel.

The traffic was surprisingly light and we got to Dover around 2 hours after leaving Camberley.

the white cliffs

Unlike the French, the very nice Scottish man at the Ferry booth looked at his watch, checked the computer and offered to let me take the ferry that was currently boarding for no additional price. Saving us a three hour wait till the one for which we had a reservation.

not many taking the FerryDovert

Bailing off in France, we made time across Flanders to Brussels. The sunset was beautiful; my choice was to stop for photos or keep driving. Since it didn’t seem like either passenger was willing to be much help, you are spared some blurry pictures.

Even with a fuel detour in Aachen to the first Esso on our side of the border (coupons, lowers the price a lot. We rolled home listening to various CDs on the player since the radio stations were all full of the usual and I was past tolerance.

I reintroduced the kids to Torfrock (one of their older Vikinger CDs), Julie Silver (Notes from Montana), Urban Tapestry‘s Sushi and High Tea (since we live in Europe, the kids didn’t exactly get all the references, never having seen X-Files – but they certail) and finished up with one of the older Balticon Collections.

Exiting the Autobahn, we were home by 2230.

50 ways

From the Ferry back, and the Beligium rest stop.

the FerryRest Stop - Belgium

have to get it together – put up a page – then I can just send you there….


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