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Driving – getting past the DMV — 10 Comments

  1. ROFL about your recitation of the trials and tribulations of finding old stateside licenses!
    Best of luck this morning!

  2. You’ll ace it. Me, I had to retake the exam after being at-fault in an accident 27 years ago and darned if I could remember the legal alcohol limit—like you, why would I care? Other than get these drunk idiots off the road.

    And wow, are the penalties really that lenient still? That’s awful.

    • Yes, the penalties are that slight. Insane. Guy at the photo station promised that I wouldn’t look like dead woman walking but he couldn’t make me look 21 or 50 again. And he reminded me of the legal limits since he said those are ALWAYS on the test.

      And yes, I passed

  3. I wish there were tests for merging ! People just don’t get the concept. Very dangerous when driving a 5th wheel down the road and someone just expects you to move over for them not realizing the center lane is also full. Ugggh.

    • I was appalled to find that a Class C license lets you drive a 5th wheel and/or RV up to 40!! Ft in Length without any road testing. That is as insane as third DUIs in a 12 month period.

      I’m with you on requiring something more.

      OTOH – I can drive a three wheel motorcycle without a motorcycle license. Go figure that one….

  4. Am sure you’ll do well. Think of all the wanna-be citizens who apparently have been tested and issued a license.

  5. Now you understand why I retired to Alabama! Take a copy of your retirement paperwork(DD 214) too-that might help

  6. I did have that with me. They were actually great. They don’t take USAREUR licenses, but had no problems with my DC license since I have been out of the country for so long. I elected NOT to give them an extra $5 and put VETERAN on my license….

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