Dragons sleeping in the earth

When they were done flying and gravity dragged them down, the dragons must have come to earth here in New Zealand.

But since I don’t have the bandwidth at present to upload photos – at some point this line will disappear and you will understand about the dragons.

Meanwhile –

Picton is the last stop in New Zealand and not exactly a large. Since we docked in the working port (and I am starting to wonder if there are going to be any trees at all left in New Zealand at the rate I am seeing lumber), there was a shuttle. Which, since the town was providing the shuttle rather than Royal – it was free.

Where was I? Oh, yes. 0715 on the gangway headed to the bus. Two fellow passengers were dragging suitcases and duffel bags. Getting off? No, just dropping their luggage off at home so that they don’t have to pay luggage back from Sydney.

Arriving early, I headed out on one of the hikes. Saw no one for almost 90 minutes other than two locals with their dogs. Hiked out to the point and had a chance to observe both the quiet and amazing scenery. I heard a number of the native birds but only saw one.

There were a few more people passing on the way back, but it was a nice break, having a nature walk day.  

Following today I will havetwo days at sea before I arrive in Sydney on the 26th.



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