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Downloading Disgust — 3 Comments

  1. OK – first I will be sympathetic. That’s craptastic, especially since you are missing those episodes. Dang!

    Next, I ask whether you would like me to download something and cut you a CD.

    And, then I will ponder what the heck we do about the big, big part of the world whose access to the web is now an will be for a long time – craptastic. We should be able to deliver textbooks to kids in little villages in Africa/Afghanistan/Arkansas on smart phones.

    (PS: Is a book so big because of all the protective encryptishness they put on it? It should be/could be in smaller bites or not so big. Files of text do not need to be big.)

  2. Actually, the file size has to do with quality audio and how many MEGs it takes to cover, oh lets say 10-12 hours. Audible normally, even with the lowest quality, doesn’t have file sizes below 22MEG. Owner’s Share is in 45 minute increments; at high quality they run in the 25-25 MEG size. That is hours at a slow dowload speed.

  3. You have every right to complain re the challenges of obtaining audiobks or, for that matter, anything at all!!

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