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Don’t want no picture — 6 Comments

  1. Holly,

    I can truly relate to this post! I wanted a simple picture of the four of us that were here last week. Did n’t happen. Never mind trying to get all six of us in one place at the same time. Last “family” photo, which is terrible, dates from Dec 2004. Well…amost Family photo…two shots, each with 5 people, because of of us had to work the camera!

  2. Have you tried Picasa? It’s free and does a great job of creating collages. Just grab however many individual pictures you want, from anywhere on your computer, and Picasa will create and permit you to tweak a collage. Then you can send copies via email.

  3. What does “I’m on a plan” tomorrow mean?
    Oh maybe you mean you’re on a plane?
    Happy New Year,

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