Don’t count on the train

Garmisch – as I have mentioned in the past, is located in the southern portion of Bavaria with Alps towers over the town which nestles safely down in a valley.



The nearest airport is Munich. The roads are driveable when there is not snow. Normally I take the train from Heidelberg to here. The last portion of the ride, on the regional train is lovely. That is, most days when the train engineers are not striking.

There had been discussion about the strike not lasting, or being put off.

Instead, today we have a strike that is not a complete shut down, just reduced services and intermittent delays. You can’t count on getting there from here. Even better, my connecting train is coming from Austria. The train is still Austrian with Austrian crews when it stops in Munich. It is going to be on time but I can’t say the same for me, I might not be able to get out of here at any reasonable time.

The CSM headed back to Heidelberg has an extra seat in his van. Would I like to ride with them? Takes me a few minutes. I much prefer the train to a crowd of people. But I want to get home.


But I did get the sleeves


and the body of the Peapod completed.


Now all I have to to is frog a small portion of the left front, and do the shaping that I missed while listening to Fluke (Christopher Moore) in the van.


Layers of doors in the Ghost Temple.


Shabbat Shalom


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