Do Overs

Knitting is fun, knitting is great. Unlike life,  Knitting gives you do-overs.

About five of them so far today. Same project, third yarn, second set of needles. Not counting a change on the way I am doing the edges.

Then, I took a good look at my yarn and changed pattern which was perfectly fine since the stitch count a few rows in matched a couple of other lovely choices in, Wrapped in Comfort.  You know Alison, right?  SpinDyeKnit Alison?

Any way – now headed to BigFoot

a few rows, more than a few stitches


Borrowed Season 1 of Monk from the library.


The Mole is back at school in Rochester for the duration of the week and all of next while I am out of country. He is not thrilled, but looks to have it under control for the moment. Meanwhile, he has started to study US History and US Government on his own since the GED exam is one option out of the current stalemate. If anyone knows what their local High School is specifically using for 11-12th Grade textbooks, I would really appreciate recommendations.

I counted it up: grades 1-2 in Wuerzburg, 3-4 in Muenchen, 5 (three schools in Heidelberg with the last also being the location for grades 6-8). 9-10 in Stuttgart. 11 in DSL with a switch to Rochester mid year, last.

Makes it 8 schools for 13 years of education (yes, it adds up. grade 5 x 2). Not exactly continuity of education.

Week at a time, I guess.

Ms Soprano went to 7 different schools and Ms Maus only 5.

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2 Responses to Do Overs

  1. The cat says:

    Hang in there Noah! You can do it!

  2. Carmen says:

    Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States, 1492 to the Present is often cited as readable and engaging and is used as a text book in some high schools. I have not read it yet but was considering it for my advanced ESL students, so I will be looking at it soon. Check Amazon for reviews. It is said to be left-leaning and not a parade-of-presidents type of book. I don’t know what to recommend for US Government. There are GED prep books and text books out there, too. (One of my teachers is doing a GED math class on Saturdays, and he uses a GED text book.)

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