I know I should be taking more pictures of Scherezade. I finished the first half, complete with the edging and the first chart pair of the second side. I am now well into the second chart pair; leaving me the third, part of the fourth, the fifth and the sixth to go. I have eliminated almost a full chart from both sides in an attempt to make it a more reasonable length (daughter’s request).

At this rate, I should be on to blocking this weekend.

Meanwhile (grin), I took a detour to the second Phoenix sleeve, picking both a different chart portion and a different color.  The color changes are both the yarn and the lighting.

the sleeves

the sleeves

I like the cuffs –

completed cuffs

completed cuffs

which are bound off with both strands to give a slightly firmer control. I also knit them fairly firmly so that they are not floppy, nor will they particularly push up.  If I have calculated properly, they are going to be too small around for any of my wonderful daughters to poke their lovely paws through.  

Audio Books

Moving on to Haunted – Kelley Armstrong. This is Book 5 (as I remember) of her Women of the Otherworld series. I read them all a while ago. The narrator is doing a credible job and I am enjoying how well Armstrong has dropped hints of character twists, relationships,  and turns for later novels.

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3 Responses to Distractions

  1. Ruth says:

    This whole thing with cuffs just goes to show that YOU are an artist. I’d never dare to take such chances, and I’d never “see” the end product the way you do. Huzzah to you!

  2. love the different colored cuffs… super cool!

    I emailed you through ravelry but haven’t heard back – when you have a moment to breathe I need the rest of the vest pattern – no rush now – I can’t move to it for a few weeks – some other more urgent knitting is taking place at the moment.

    I hope you’re allowing yourself to rest some..



  3. Carmen says:

    Really nice blues. i will be quite interested to see the shawl.

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