Different Edge

Thank you all for leaving comments. Please (grin) keep it up at least through the 25th. I’ll put your name on list as many times as you comment before using the random number picker to grab 3-4 individuals to take those sock kits off my hands (and the roving if anyone would rather).

Today was a document reading day. There is not much I can do with my hands while reading. Ribbing is it. Ribbing I can do on auto pilot.

Kauni in shades of blue

Kauni in shades of blue

Makes up for ripping out the edging I had on the unknown pattern shawl and redoing it with part of the edging from Evelyn Clark’s Heartland Shawl. Admittedly, it looks kind of ratty here.

finished with 10 meters to spare

finished with 10 meters to spare

Wicked Eyelet is drying



and Phoenix earned a couple more rows this evening.

10 rows into chart 3

10 rows into chart 3

Not bad at all

(CSI Season 8 on the laptop, one more episode before I crash?)

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5 Responses to Different Edge

  1. Ruth says:

    Love how the Wicked Eyelet finished up. Wondering what the blue ribbing is gonna be when it grows up.

  2. Melinda says:

    The Kauni is beautiful, I love blue, can you tell? Phoenix is to die for – although even contemplating the work that goes into that makes me shiver. Wow.

  3. Angeluna says:

    Holly, you make everything look so easy. Moving from country to country, children, work and your glorious knitting. Superwoman you are!

  4. nana says:

    Wow, the wicked eyelet finished so fast, I could never get this much speed:-)

    Had about 6 hours of knitting on two sock cuffs while waiting on the eye docs at the University clinic to have my eye(perception) probs checked out.

    I got about 4 inches done on both and was so proud of myself, but this is nothing compared to the speed your projects have.

    Wonder woman you are 🙂

  5. Lisa says:

    Love the wicked eyelet!

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