Did I leave?

What I discovered about KC-135s is small but significant. The plane was older (45) than most of the crew. We had two crews – the CCAT (Critical Care Augmentation Team) and the regular flight crew. The passenger section is the upper half of the fuesalage. The bottom half (this is a tanker) is fuel. That floor is ice cold. Trust me, you don’t want to laydown on the floor or even leave your boots in contact with the floor for any length of time.

I am not that tall, standing up was not an issue for me. If you are over 6′, I think it just might be! Besides the litter stands, there were a few comfortable patient seats, and a small row of jump seats. Small head, nothing like the fancy unit on the C-17.

Smaller plane, more fuel efficient, great crew. I read, talked and crawled into a comfortable chair for a while. Seven hours later, I climbed down the ladder, picked up my rucksack, signed in and went to my BHut to crash.

Spending the day cleaning out desk, parcels and emails. By this point, it is all starting to fade. Did I just dream it? Probably not, since I would never dream boxes in my bedroom or a computer that would not work in a billeting space.

Repeating the story a couple of times, it convinces me that I left. But it certainly feels like I have not.

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6 Responses to Did I leave?

  1. Mary says:

    Hope “re-entry” hasn’t been too rough, tho that is probably a stupid thing to say – hey, I’m blonde.

  2. Berg says:

    Used to work on 135A models; good solid aircraft but not the most comfy. Great view back in the boomer’s pod

  3. Bob says:

    Be it ever so humble . . . wherever home happens to be at any time. Stay safe!!

  4. Mark says:

    I have had a few KC-135’s rides over the years. Did you see where the heater used to be on the KC 135.?On the port side of fuselage behind the rear cargo door. Looked like small stove with a metal flue exiting out skin of the AC behind the cargo door.

  5. Helen says:

    It will be in your mind for ever….

  6. Brad says:

    Amazing how one enters and leaves the pool, leaving small trace of one’s passing.

    I find it comforting to realize in the end how insignificant I am to the larger endeavour.

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