Concourse A simply is not that bad.

I am keeping a positive spin on my emotions. Since we paid to log in from Ms Sopranos computer, I still haven’t uploaded everything from Anticipation (tomorrow – I promise).

Meanwhile – NWA and Detroit

The long story – the weather was not as good as it could have been leaving Montreal.

The flight path given to the pilot was about 20% longer than expected. Received, of course, after we had pulled back from the gate. Because it is Canada and fuel is more
expensive, he did not have enough fuel on board to make the flight.

End result is that we had to taxi back to the gate and refuel which accomplished a 90 minute delay in departure. Arriving in Detroit 5 minutes after our connecting flight was scheduled to leave, we high tailed it over to the gate.

Empty. Completely empty. we walked a bit farther then headed back toward the center.

This time spot a woman standing at the gate; she had just locked the plane door so could not admit us to the flight. The very full flight. The one on which our three seats were the only vacant places in the plane.

When we had blasted past the gate, she had been down the jetway tagging plane side check ins.

It is now past noon, there are no connecting flights available and the next two direct flights are full. Rebooked to Delta, or perhaps it is NWA, I can’t tell and don’t care.

We might standby, but have guaranteed seats on the 1935 flight, first class seats. It is cattle car for any of the other options, most of which would involve several plane changes. The girls have voted to wander the airport and fly first class.

go figure.

Better to arrive late than to be stranded in (pick one)
1) Memphis
2) Atlanta
4) ????

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4 Responses to Detroit

  1. Carmen says:

    Glad to hear that Concourse A is not that bad. I too would be digging for positive things to say about either the airport or the airline. Being stranded is the pits, there’s no good airport for it, just some really bad ones, and NWA lands at alot of them.

  2. Kathryn says:

    Um – just catching up here. Why are you stranded in the middle of nowhere (all airports are the middle of nowhere) with two teens? What caused this catastrophe? Concourse A sounds like something from outer space.

  3. Angeluna says:

    Oh Holly, how utterly un-fun. I’ve had similar weirdness flying from Canada. I’m not really in love with this “just enough fuel to make it” policy. I would feel better with a bit of extra, just in case.

  4. Melinda says:

    Ewwwww. Being stranded at any airport would not be fun. Sorry you had to go through it, but yay for first class seats.

    In answer to your question, better to arrive late than be stranded in, I would have to say Basel. It’s a convenient airport, but a bit dark and uninviting.

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