Day after Dreiköningstag

For those who might be wondering – the Christian holiday of Epiphany might be more familiar. Think of Black Friday in the US. That is right – it is the single largest day of sales in Spain and here I am in Barcelona St bling through crowds like an idiot.

Didn’t stop me from dropping through “All you knit is Love” hidden on a back street near the Picasso Museum ( no sale) or Desigual where practically everything was on sale.

I wasn’t alone in this insanity; one of the lovely knitters from the Legend this fall had dropped me a note via Ravelry. She was in Barcelona for a few days along with the owner of her local yarn store (visiting with a daughter working in a nearby country). Anyway, we braved the crowds. In fact, I wouldn’t have ventured into the Desigual sale at all if it hadn’t. Been form them.

In return I introduced them to the magic of El Corte Inglais free WiFi in the cafeteria where you can sit for hours sipping your 1,50€ cup of cafe con leche. After doing major damage to my Amazon account by purchasing a few more books by Heather Graham and pulling the audio of Foxglove Summer which was just released in the US I am headed back to the ship.

Valencia in the morning and at sea the day after.

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