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Day 2/95 — 8 Comments

  1. Loved the huge rubber duck!

    Around the world in 95 days? Whew. . . ! Does that include Australia? I recall that you did mention that you would be here a couple of times this year?

    Good luck and stay safe – !

  2. Take lots of pics and post them. I need my vicarious travel fun.

    My daughter’s inlaws were on that Royal Caribbean ship that encountered the hurricane. They flew in from MN to catch their ship at Bayonne. We had dinner with them the night before. I told Shel that I was mighty jealous of their cruise. Now I’m not jealous any more. They take lots of cruises, but I bet this was the only one that was awful.

  3. I have grown to see naps as the emotional equivalent of a Hershey kiss.
    Cats stalking a rubber duck is a cute image.

  4. A little slow. You can make it around the world in 80 days if you use a balloon.

    I hope that your seminar is very interesting. Enjoy the rest of your travels as well.


  5. Now THAT gave us a good laugh- his Mom’s cats have given us plenty of visual
    input to imagine cat vs. rubber ducky….

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