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    • I am just trying not to repeat the same bit of dumbness. Especially those which cost me extra money!

  1. I had my first “senior moment” shortly after puberty and despite the odd remission, its been a constant presence ever since. At least it’s progressing slowly if at all.

    • Progressing? Oh, no. I don’t want to think about that at all….. but my paperwork is all in order just in case

  2. Maybe the Good Lord just wanted to make sure that tired, young man met someone willing to share their chicken wings!

  3. Sometimes things fall into place and go smoothly, and sometimes they don’t. You have quite the commute. It’s great to have public transportation available, and it sounds like you’ve got it down.

    I’m with you: good coffee is a must. We’re Peet’s fans, too, though I will buy Seattle’s Best, Tully’s and Starbucks when they are on sale. I buy of lot of Peet’s when its on sale, too. A good cup or two of great coffee in the morning is one of the simple pleasures of life. I still like the morning paper with it…the real paper, not digital.

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