I have mentioned the sanitation trailers a number of times. One might be set between several other containers, affording easy access to people living in that location. They may be out in the middle of an area. Or, what is prevelant around here is that they are stacked with the shower facilties reached by an outside stair while the toilet trailers are located underneath.

In any of these cases, the trailers are either hard plumbed into the water and sewer system or have water storage areas inside which are filled daily by truck.

What does all this have to do with curtains? you ask.

Well, I am not sure why (other than white plastic curtains are easy to maintain and cheep to replace) there are no doors inside any of these facilities. Just overhead rods and sliding shower curtains.  I think the idea is to provide a modicum of privacy without allowing anyone to lock themselves in.

The downside is that everyone seems to like leaving the curtains closed making it a bit challenging to find either an empty stall or shower. Go figure.

I was thinking about bringing in markers and drawing on the curtains…..

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2 Responses to Curtains

  1. Helen Halla Fleischer says:

    Seems like an ideal set-up for using gray water to flush the toilets.

  2. those plastic shower curtains are very cheap and you can install it easily without sweat `.’

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