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Cultural Differences and late sunsets. — 5 Comments

  1. I was laughing when I read your comment on my blog(Thanks!), and also when I read what you wrote tonight …Yes, there is a bit of difference between US rules and -not only Swedish-scandinavian common sense. I’m afraid we laugh and shook our heads at the Americans sometimes. But it is still the country of dreams. Quite ambivalent feelings.
    Hope recovery goes as planned:-)

  2. Holly – your socks are great. I found you via the Kauni KAL. Thank you for your picture of Heidelberg. My ex-husband is from there (actually Bad Schoenborn) and we would visit often. I miss it. Fortunately, my children still get to go to Germany with him frequently, and my daughter has been spending the year in Bremen. Have fun with the Kauni.

  3. Dear Holly,

    Thanks for your comment on my angry post about medical school from long ago. Thankfully, I have graduated and am now preparing to start my first day as a real intern doing intern-things. I would welcome that contact info you mentioned, if the offer is still good I’d write more if this weren’t a comment for all to see, but it was the only way I could see to reply.

    Your website/blog is impressive — I wish I had the attention span and motivation to craft such an organized, informative, and cross-referenced record!

    -Roxanne aka Velvet Marmoset

  4. Finally started on my first pair in SOS-2007, and first pick is Regia (of course).The midsummerphoto is beautiful. I’m headed norht in my country for my holiday, there the sun shines 24 hours right now.

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