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  1. Don’t get me started about the WHO, all its ponderous eloquence and Gro Bruntland and the millions of poor kids still dying out there in the bush. Very frustrating. Prima donnas everywhere doing mostly cookie pushing with white wine.

  2. What cracks me up is that these people (WHO, etc.) come into a country that they know nothing about (nothing as far as how the average poor Afghan has lived for centuries) and then try to tell them what to do! They’ve taken away the poppy production (ok, I can see that) so what do they have left? Now to destroy their ability to produce rice for which to feed themselves by introducing a foreign fish? What a load of crapola! Who is smoking what over there…or shall we say in Washington DC ? What do they think these people are going to do to provide for their families or does the WHO plan to open a chain of US fast food restaurants in the country? Yes, we see in what good shape our people are in now living on the stuff. Agencies like that really make me mad!

  3. Oh, way cool. Rotational cropping for orchards. Please tell me they didn’t actually say that? Of course you can’t replace annual crops with orchard crops all at once. And are they serious about introducing non-native fish? WHO is way too European. IMO

    Conservationists without thinking can put more value on “nature” than on humans. Not systems thinkers because they don’t understand their own theology.

  4. Same problem in Belize. Malaria was virtually eradicated in the 1950s but then came back with a vengeance (tropical rain forest) when DDT was banned. And you can no more drain a mangrove swamp than you can drain a paddy field. Only difference was that it was probably PAHO rather than WHO . .

  5. you have got to be kidding ? would they possibly hire and pay me the big bucks to be the comedian?

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