Critter — 6 Comments

  1. We’ve had mice in the basement. Elly put up a have-a-heart trap (do NOT ask me why he wishes to spare these creatures). We seem to be rid of them for the time being. We’ll see when it gets cold again.

  2. So true- we had the wee beasties a couple of times here, so I keep a package or two of Ortho Home Defense Max Kill and Contain traps in the house at all times. They require a bit of PB or similar, but work Very Well. And totally contain the ex-critter. Thunder starting- rain hopefully to follow soon, better get off-line and turn this off now.
    Chere’ – whose tomatoes are loving this heat but we’re ready for it to break.

  3. If you’re getting “critters” you have to keep a trap or two and definitely some peanut butter . . . which they love more than cheese. On the other hand a good sized cat might give shelter-seeking critters the need to find other dwellings.

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