There are four ships in port today:
us on the Serenade
Oasis of the Seas
Carnival Paradise
Caribbean Princess

Worst case is 20,000 worth of passengers and crew. Normally it would not be an issue at all since there are a large number of tours and a good size area in which to spread out the influx.

Unfortunately, today is windy. Windy enough that all of snorkel and scuba tours have been cancelled, at least from the RCCL ships. The resulting herd of passengers wandering from here to there aimlessly around the port area didn’t come as a surprise.

There were a few moments, like when walking by Señor Frogs, when it was easy to identify the originating ship of the passengers. Otherwise, the port was crowded with mixed age, mixed racial distribution of individuals being blow about by the wind and trying to find something to purchase.

I hiked 30 minutes out of town or until I ran out of sidewalk (which happened first). Coming back I went an equal distance in the other direction. I had my hour’s worth of walking on shore and gratefully went back on ship windblown and in a good mood.

After all, this is the last port on this cruise. Saturday sees me back in New Orleans and on my way to the airport. By Sunday morning I will be home…..

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  1. Safe travels, it’s always good to come home for awhile:)

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