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  1. Retirement is wonderful, but it is a challenge. All those hours in the day! So that’s why I started a business, and now I’m busier than I ever thought I would be. And loving it!

  2. Only 60 days?? Brilliant news although I fail to see the reasoning behind your going from Afghan to Ft. Benning and then back to Germany . Makes no sense what so ever!!!!

  3. and you expect the military to make sense? After working for the Brits for how many years now?

  4. Must admit, I had thought it odd, costly and just unfortunate for you to have to trace a triangle across the planet to get home – tho I was very pleased to know there was a stop in my country!

    How great it wld be if you could take the shortest distance between 2 points and just go straight to Germany! Much btr for you and your family!

    I shall keep my fingers crossed and pray extra hard that you can make that happen!

    Roll on 60 days!!!

  5. 60 days – it seems like the time is moving quickly but slowly. Thanks for sharing the journey with us. I’ll cross my fingers for a direct flight to Germany for you.

  6. who are you kidding? You need that last bit of pain to twist the knife on the way out the door. Logic and military reasoning, mutually exclusive most of the time. They will make you come to Benning because that is what the policy says…

  7. Standing by for that report.

    Having been retired once for one hour, it was pretty nice, but not enough to make a final judgment.

  8. I think it’s time for a “How short are you (or am I)” contest. Invite your friends to contribute repsonses. You can figure out an appropriate grand prize for the best response, and you can designate yourself the undisputable final arbiter of what constitutes the best response.

    Ex: How short is Holly?
    She’s so short, that when she goes to the PX to buy shoe polish, she reads the label to see how many shines you can get out of a single can.

  9. How will you mark this milestone?

    You need to do something.

    Something fun.

    Make a good memory.

  10. You know better than to count days, even on your last deployment right before retirement. Life slows to a crawl!

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