Costco as entertainment

out to the road, under the bridge and hang a right. Walk a few blocks from the motel and there you are – Costco Warehouse. It is a fun way to have a mornings entertainment. After all, where else can you buy a 100″ flat screen TV, a gallon of cooking wine, avocados, bagels, underwear, office supplies, and pain killers? Oh, and did I mention vacuum cleaners, toilet paper and holiday decorations? None of these items, by the way, can be purchased in anything less than the large, economy, wholesale size.

Like most of the other times, I get suckered in just like everyone else. I found headlamps at 4/$10. Headlamps, you say? Yes, those things that you put on your head so that you can better see the needlework in your hands. LLBean sells them for $14.95/each. Most needlework stores about the same. Since they use batteries, that means I need a battery charger. Socks are always good – can’t have too many socks. And then there is the soybean/cranberry/raison/almond mix with absolutely no chocolate involved. Plus, I meet really nice people like the young woman who let me go ahead of her in line. She had a 12 pack of coconut water, but was waiting for her roommate. Said roommate had the 50# bag of jasmine rice and was out on a hunt for cooking wine. Or the guy who was looking at memory sticks and, shaking his head, asked if I remembered 5 1/4″ floppies. Yep, progress, we both decided.

After hiking back to the motel. I happily packed away my new treasures. My next challenge was finding the car rental location after catching the hotel shuttle back to the airport. How was I to know that it was upstairs on the blue line? Go that way is not exactly great directions. In the process I discovered the location of the USO (Terminal A, level 3 on the Mezzanine behind a door which you might just think leads to one of the security offices.

The guys, being Gold Card Members, didn’t come upstairs but headed straight to the cars. Ah well, I got a couple minutes of recharge time on the phone before they tracked me down and we headed out. I refrained from wearing my headlamp in the car…..

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