Corfu – the New Fort

The last time I was in Corfu I believed the information from the ship. Silly me, I know. Bought their round trip shuttle ticket to the old fort on the far side of Old Town. Last time, after I spent time going through the Old Fort, I looked at the map to find out where I was. Duh, just walk along the road next to the sea and 20 minutes later the port was in easy range.

This time I decided not to go find the Synagogue given it is Shabbat and I couldn’t tell if it was in use or not but rather see the New Fort.

Come – says the nice person with the Big Red Ho-Ho Bus – we have four stops on the island (I think the third was a beach, the others being the start point and each of the two forts….)

No thank you, says I – I enjoy walking.

It wasn’t all that far to the New Fortress. New being a relative term – the fortifications were started by the Venetians somewhere most probably in the late 1500s. (see Wiki – good article ). It explains why The Lion of St Mark is found in several places.

There were issues with the Brits. There were issues with the Italians as late as 1923.

The site is open between 0900-1500 without an entry fee. Also without a site map or any dates other than that on the Lion and on a portion of the upper building dating 1858 which is now used for a school.

Photos to follow…


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