Condensor dryers

Unlike the standard US dryer which tumbles clothes around while blowing on them with hot air complete with link trap and an external vent РGerman dryers use a different technology which involves some hot air, a cooling coil which precipitates out the moisture, a collecting tank  and, of course, a tumbler and lint trap.

All of which lead me to the same conclusion as the fridge. There seems to be a bit of the Y chromosome which doesn’t deal with cleaning the fridge or clearing the lint filter. Those might be possibly excused. But not emptying out the collecting tank leads to some pretty ugly consequences.

You see, if the hot air is cooled and the moisture precipitates out, it has to go somewhere. That some where is the nifty collector in the upper left corner of the dryer. It is removable so that the contents can be emptied after each load. If not, the dryer will run, continuing to dry clothes. But that moisture has to go somewhere.

On the floor of the laundry room doesn’t thrill me at all which long ago lead me to the practice of cleaning out the filter and emptying the container after each and every load. When I took clothing down to the laundry this morning it was obvious that there are alternative ways to do laundry which didn’t include making sure things were ready to go before starting the dryer.

Perhaps I should be just relieved that empty toilet paper rolls get replaced?

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